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The Wine

At Tair Gafr Wines we pride ourselves on taking a natural approch to viticulture. Our grapes are grown with zero synthetic chemical intervention and our winemaker; David Morris of Mountain People Wine, is an expert in producing natural wines, thus ensuring that the flavour of our wine reflects the unique terroir of our vineyard.


Oes Gafr Eto - 2022


"Oes Gafr Eto" (pronounced Oys Gavr Ehto) Is our very 1st vintage made from a blend of our Orion and Regent grape varieties. The namesake of this vintage comes from the opening line of the Welsh folk song "Cyfri'r Geifr" which translates to "Counting the Goats" and also the origin of our name.

2022 was a very challenging year, the drought had a big impact on our young vines resulting in very low yields. making this a very rare vintage.

available for collection from cellar door for £20

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